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Illustration: Halloween Cat Girl

I'm not the biggest Halloween person. Last year, my 3-month old son's costume was comprised of a Cubs onesie and black eyeliner on his chubby cheeks to make eye black because I had baby costume FOMO the day of. But this year, even though he still won't really get it (and I'm still the crazy new mom who probably won't let him eat any candy) I'm feeling much more into the whole thing! I have his little dragon costume ready to go and I even got myself a shirt that says "Mother of Dragons." I'm totally doing Halloween, guys.

So this girl is in honor of my new-found enthusiasm for Old Hallow's Eve. 

Cheers to Halloween, friends! 

Illustration: Girl on a Bicycle

Since we're friends, I'll be honest with you: I'm not much for bike riding. When I visited my friend Rach when she lived in San Diego a few years ago, she was so excited for us head down to the beach on her cruisers. I think she was tipped off to my ineptitude when I asked if we'd be riding on the road, (blank stare) and by the time I wobbled hesitantly down to the end of the driveway, she had called an Uber. 

The thing is, I WANT to be the kind of person that zips around carefree on two wheels. Just look how happy this girl is! Her hair is blowing in the wind! And she even let go with one hand. Unfortunately, years of living in the city has instilled a passionate (and borderline irrational) fear of insane drivers--which includes other bikers, by the way--so there's not a lot of hope for my biking future.

Does anyone know of a place where I can ride a ride on an uninterrupted path with no cars or other bikes around? Also prefer great scenery, no bugs, clean bathrooms along the way and minimal hills. LMK!

Until then, I'll stick to living vicariously through this girl and my other Girl on a Bike. 

Cheers, friends!

Illustration: Summer Sunshine

I wish I had something creative to say about this girl, but the truth is that I have my second cold in less than a month, which is two times more colds than I've had in the past 3 years. Actually, zero times two is still zero, so that's inaccurate. But basically: I NEVER USED TO GET SICK. Enter Hudson and baby germs picked up from a tendency to put every single thing in his mouth, add my run down immune system from lack of sleep and: I'm screwed. 

So here I sit, sniffling and dreaming of summer sun. 

With 8.5 whole months of momming under my belt, I am wise enough to know that the summer of '17 likely does not hold a lot of oversized sun hats and beach jewelry for me. The reality will more likely be short trips down to the pool in between naps, picnics at the park, and lots of walks along the lake. 

Which, if I'm being honest, sounds perfect :)

Cheers, friends!