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Illustration: A Few of My Favorite Things Pattern

If I were trying to play it cool here, (which has never been my strongest suit...) I'd start this post with something like, "I know it's wayyyy too early to think about the holidays, BUT..." 


My little holiday-loving heart has no shame. Tis the season! Almost. Ish.

I know a Halloween illustration would be more appropriate at this point - and I think I should note here that I am in no rush to get through fall. I think Chicago is at it's most beautiful in the fall, and also, give me all the PSLs! So basic, I know. 

But I think fall is EVEN BETTER for helping to usher in my beloved sparkly lights, family time, and never-ending Michael Buble playlists. 

I recently signed up for Skillshare and took an awesome pattern-making class. (Highly recommended!) It also handily served as an excuse to create a little collection of illustrations of some of my favorite holiday things, and stitch them together into a fun, whimsical pattern that makes me think of everything I love about December. Except the five cookie pounds I've gained by the end of it.

I promise to chill out on any additional holiday-related posts until at least mid-November, but I was having so much fun thinking about applying illustrations to everyday products I made you an early gift: a mug! There's wine in there, too. You're welcome.

Cheers, friends!

Illustration: Barcelona Girl

Next up in my travel series of girls being cute and doing fun things in places I'll be visiting on my honeymoon... Barcelona!

I am a total water baby. My sister and I share this trait. When we were little, our family would take us on these great trips, and museums and monuments and parks were great and all... but if the hotel didn't have a pool? Forget it. 

Disney? Meh. Let's go to the beach.

Now as a grown-up (or something like it) I thank my lucky stars every day that my husband is quite nearly my literal Prince Charming who found us a home with an epic view of the water AND WE HAVE A POOL IN OUR BUILDING. Dreams do come true, my friends.

So it comes as no surprise that Barcelona has long been on my list of must-visit cities. A major metropolis with tons of art, food, and architecture, all anchored around miles of beachfront? Si, por favor! 

Plus, I get to throw around my two years of high-school Spanish and drink Sangria all day. 

81 days! But who's counting?