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Visual Branding and Logo Design - Golden Strategies

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A lot of business books/blogs/resources advise entrepreneurs to create a "persona" for your business: thinking about your dream client so you're always consistent in the way that you're creating your content and speaking to potential clients. I have patently ignored this advice coming off of 12 years of marketing career PTSD and have gone by a strategy better known as "winging it" with a little bit of prayer mixed in. 

And it's working! Because I got to WORK with my dream client and now I just think, "what would Jenna Golden want?" Persona box: checked.

Jenna is an incredibly multi-faceted woman out of DC, who has had the most fascinating career in media and politics and by the way is just coming off a world food and travel tour. Hashtag dream life! She's launching the next chapter of her career which is her own consultancy called Golden Strategies, advising on sales and digital strategies as well as helping companies navigate the intricacies of Washington DC. 

Jenna had a strong vision for her brand and was decisive and clear with her feedback. The first step was creating the hexagonal emblem of her logo (which has a hidden GS--can you find it?) and from there, everything fell into place. We pulled together a clean, modern palate of colors, fonts and brand elements that are classic and strong... but having fun along the way! Which coincidentally is exactly what working with Jenna is like.

It was an honor to work with her on this project and I can't wait to follow her success!