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Illustration: Summer Sunshine

IllustrationLaura NashComment

I wish I had something creative to say about this girl, but the truth is that I have my second cold in less than a month, which is two times more colds than I've had in the past 3 years. Actually, zero times two is still zero, so that's inaccurate. But basically: I NEVER USED TO GET SICK. Enter Hudson and baby germs picked up from a tendency to put every single thing in his mouth, add my run down immune system from lack of sleep and: I'm screwed. 

So here I sit, sniffling and dreaming of summer sun. 

With 8.5 whole months of momming under my belt, I am wise enough to know that the summer of '17 likely does not hold a lot of oversized sun hats and beach jewelry for me. The reality will more likely be short trips down to the pool in between naps, picnics at the park, and lots of walks along the lake. 

Which, if I'm being honest, sounds perfect :)

Cheers, friends!