Laura Leigh Bean
Illustration, Visual Branding + Design
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butterfly background-01.png


Illustration: Girl in a Lace Up Shirt


Being pregnant and then giving birth is a little bit like time traveling where clothing is concerned. I got pregnant late last fall, promptly stopped fitting into all of my jeans and my primary criteria for getting dressed was a yes to the question, “does it fit?”  

And now here I am, with no baby to hide behind for excuses and fall upon us again, and I am 100% unprepared for these new trends. 

Bomber jackets? 


Frayed hem, straight leg jeans?


Not that I’ve ever been the most fashion-forward (it took me 3 years to believe that skinny jeans really, seriously were a thing and I had to retire my flares… when are those coming back, by the way?) but I feel like I’ve arrived in a place that I don’t understand and I’m pretty sure I don’t like.

I have my first post-baby date night with my hubby coming up and I have no earthly idea what to wear, so a Nordstrom visit is due over one of these nap times. Gun to my head, the one thing I’d be willing to TRY is the lace-up top… but chances are I’ll be heading out with something simpler. (But again meeting criteria: does it fit?)

I’m fine leaving it to my girl in this quick illustration. I’m glad someone is ready for fall!