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Illustration: Marco Island Beach Girl

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 Illustration: Marco Island Beach Girl

Illustration: Marco Island Beach Girl

We're heading to Marco Island tomorrow for a too-short long weekend. Some people may call it a "babymoon" but I just can't handle that word. So, we're going on a little trip.

I read somewhere that locals jokingly refer to 9PM as "Marco Island Midnight" and with that, I'm feeling very confident that we've made a great choice for a quiet and relaxing weekend. 

Under normal, baby-less circumstances, I'd be all about my packing strategy and bringing out cute, beachy outfits that rarely get airtime here in Chicago, like this little lady's striped cover up and hat. Most of my cover ups are so short from needing to accommodate the belly they're just referred to as "shirts" these days. And I can never find hats that fit my huge head, but I suppose I can't blame that one on the little man. May be inherit my big brain. My reality will be closer to the same tankini 4 days in a row and maximum time spent floating in the pool/ocean with a virgin pina colada. 

And to me, that sounds perfect.

Cheers friends!