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Illustration: Kitty Snoozing


 My kitty Blitz's epic sleeping poses warranted a nickname: Snoozer, and a Facebook album of his best work. (No shame in my game!) Like any cat lady worth her salt, I was convinced that my little guy was THE funniest and THE cutest thing in the world - especially sleeping.

Even when he's kneading my head at 5am. 

Or when he's not actually sleeping, but watching me sleep with a stare that hovers ambiguously between evil and reverent, willing me to wake up and feed him. That's a solid way to start the day.

Until my sister got a kitten of her own, and repaid my barrage of photos from the six months prior to her getting a cat with pictures of HER little snoozer. 

The jig is officially up, and I've come to terms with the fact that it's actually ALL cats that are the cutest things ever, snoozing away with paws akimbo. I'm okay with that. Like I tell Snoozer, THEIR cuteness doesn't take away from HIS cuteness.

Cheers to kitty snoozing and embracing your inner cat lady!

Oh and yes, my hair totally looks like that when I'm sleeping.

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