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Illustration: Cote d'Azur Girl

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Bonjour! Je m'appelle Laura. Fromage! Croissant! Au revoir! 

I am fully obsessed with honeymoon planning at the moment. And with that vocabulary line-up in my pocket, I am pretty much ready to go. I'm driving my poor husband bananas actively participating in the Coffee Break French podcast every morning getting ready for work. It's amazing, by the way! My goal was just to be able to pronounce words on French menus without sounding like a total a*hole, and I've come a long way in just a few lessons. Especially considering that just a few weeks ago, I was pronouncing my beloved coconut LaCroix "luh-craw". Here's to progress!

We're heading to Paris, the French Riviera and Barcelona in September, and I hyperventilate a little bit just thinking about it. So, I thought I'd channel my enthusiasm into a new series of travel-themed illustrations instead of online shopping for one-piece bathing suits and Google-Earth-walking for miles around each hotel we've booked. 

And here's my first girl! She's loving life and her sparking rose at the Eden Roc in the French Riviera (Pinterest strikes again!) where I will not be staying but am determined to go for at least a lunch. And.. sparking rose.

Cheers, friends!