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Illustration: Barcelona Girl

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Next up in my travel series of girls being cute and doing fun things in places I'll be visiting on my honeymoon... Barcelona!

I am a total water baby. My sister and I share this trait. When we were little, our family would take us on these great trips, and museums and monuments and parks were great and all... but if the hotel didn't have a pool? Forget it. 

Disney? Meh. Let's go to the beach.

Now as a grown-up (or something like it) I thank my lucky stars every day that my husband is quite nearly my literal Prince Charming who found us a home with an epic view of the water AND WE HAVE A POOL IN OUR BUILDING. Dreams do come true, my friends.

So it comes as no surprise that Barcelona has long been on my list of must-visit cities. A major metropolis with tons of art, food, and architecture, all anchored around miles of beachfront? Si, por favor! 

Plus, I get to throw around my two years of high-school Spanish and drink Sangria all day. 

81 days! But who's counting?