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Photography: Weekend Love

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It's been a slow creep, a slow thing to accept, but we're there.

I'm officially a homebody.

I love being home, and I will move mountains! skyscrapers! to be home.

It was a great weekend. It was also another ridiculously beautiful fall weekend (see morning pictures above!) Friday night happy hour was spent with my best best best friend to celebrate our 10-year-friendiversary! Saturday, I spent pretty much all day happily pinballing around my place.

Today I ventured allllll the way to the west loop (this is like a $7 cab ride or a 25 minute CTA commute, basically nothing, I am just that used to being within a .5 mile radius at all. times.) to meet my SCFWSC cohorts at RM Champagne Lounge for brunch.

Because I am still a huge pansy about taking my camera out in restaurants, I have zero/zilch/nada photos of this very fun brunch.

Instead, I have photos of the rest of my day: hanging out with my sister and her manfriend for Sunday night pot roast followed by a looooong walk home. That eternal journey turned out to be a great chance to practice my nighttime photography skills. It also was actually all of 15 minutes, but thanks to daylight savings time (the end of DST? the beginning of it? the second coming of it?) it felt like a million-mile-hike because I am old, and it is past my bedtime.

I hope your weekend was every single thing you wanted it to be!