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My weekend in 11 photos


Every photography tutorial/blog/etc that I read says that you MUST SHOOT IN MANUAL, at all times, to really learn how to use your camera.

That... is difficult. The pictures turn out so nicely in any of the helper modes! (Aperture priority, I'm looking at you.)

BUT! Those photographers, those tutorial-writers, they know their stuff... because it's true. The more I practice and play in manual, the more I learn and the easier it gets. Also, some really fun stuff is starting to happen.

I had no. earthly. idea. my camera could take a photo like the one I took above of the lake at night! And I'm pretty sure that never would have happened in automatic.

So, I pretty much snapped away all weekend.

1 // Fact: cloudy days make better sunrises
2 // Tortellini, mozzarella and tomato skewers with balsamic glaze for game night 
3 // New print from a small boutique just outside Chicago (read: Ikea) -- a series of animal sketches by Picasso
4 // Saturday nights in + practice practice practice 
5 // Officially fall
6 // The Chicago skyline from Olive Park
7 // Loving the (city-sanctioned) street art at Illinois + LSD
8 // Olive Park walking West
9 // Old and new: animal-print Turkish jewelry dish + a landscape from my grandfather
10 // Pumpkin seeds with S&P, garlic powder + smoked paprika (the trick is not to wash them first!)
11 // Jack-o-lanterns! 

Unpictured: Cards Against Humanity (yikes), strawberry + balsamic pastries by my sister, multiple trips to Dollop, Portillo salads, Ikea madness, Uncle Julio's carry-out, my first Divvy ride ever. 

I hope your weekends were great, too :)