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I'm moving in just a few weeks out of my vintage East Lakeview apartment to a condo in Streeterville and am mildly freaking out. Its always such a rush of excitement, planning, nostalgia, list-making, etc. You're picking up your ENTIRE LIFE and taking it from one collection of square footage to another. Rather humbling to realize your life can be packed up, isn't it?

I've moved a lot in my life, but it never gets much easier. (Except I now know to wrap vases and picture frames in kitchen and beach towels and shove jewelry into my shoes... every inch counts!)

So beyond the lists and the "ONE-LAST-MEALS" at my favorite neighborhood joints, I am trying to remind myself that this is actually really fun. And mostly because I get to decorate a whole new place! Its a BLANK SLATE. I have picked up a fun (but temporary, I swear) penchant for talking interminably about paint colors and whether we should get the white couch of my dreams or be practical and get a darker color.

Enter Houzz, a collection of photos by interior designers, complete with product listings and searchable by room, city, color and style. As much as I love Pinterest, the search functionality is limited at best and on the hunt for some inspiration photos, I am praising the interior design gods for sending me stumbling upon a course that led to Houzz.

Here are some of the photos I've saved to my Idea Book recently - I clearly am loving a soft, gray color scheme.

Have you tried Houzz? How do you find inspiration for home decor? And most importantly, any moving tips?! :)