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NYC in Pictures

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One week later, I'm finally ready to wear heels again, the extreme bloating from Cuban food/rose/halal cart/bagels/more rose/the BEST DINNER EVER at Bell Book & Candle/vodka sodas/late night pizza/mimosamimosamimosas has gone down, and I'm safely above water on the work front.

Totally. Worth. It.

I am so very sad it's over.

I am finally posting my pictures from last weekend! Three things I'd like to call out:
1. I should have taken many, many more photos, and preferably with a real camera.

2. It was three thousand degrees and nine million percent humidity - so I have a whopping two pictures that I allowed myself in and only one with Shai, which is particularly sad.

3. If you're looking for a real peak into NYFW, I'm going to point you over to DrunkOnShoes just as soooon as she gets her pictures up. She'll do it much more justice.  She really experienced NYFW as you'd imagine it - the shows, the celebs, etc.

So enjoy, in no particular order. Click to enlarge!

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