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Four Leaf

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Despite an awesome getaway this weekend, I've had A WEEK. And its only Wednesday night, so I still have about 40% of a week to go.

I was approaching total meltdown territory and then something ridiculously amazing happened - I won an iPad through a work drawing! I never win ANYTHING. Like, have never won a raffle, in Vegas, at Bingo, in Superbowl Squares, etc.

Coworkers congratulated me (I have the best coworkers ever) and what could I say besides, "Thanks, I feel so lucky!" All of a sudden, my mood totally shifted.

I realized that I AM so lucky. And I'm not even trying to rub in my iPad windfall. In fact, that's the least of it. Even when I'm stressed and I feel like I just can't handle even one more little thing, I hope to always remember that I am so lucky, so blessed.  Next time you're frustrated, I challenge you to start listing to yourself everything you're thankful for. In my experience, its nearly impossible to stay upset.

Because I have the memory of a fruitbat, I made myself this handy little desktop background as a reminder to keep perspective and I thought I'd share with you :) I hope you're having a great week!