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Meet Laura
Leigh Bean

(But please, just call her Laura.)

Laura is an experienced creative professional, working as an outsourced creative director for small businesses, a partner on creative collaborations for large brands, and bringing joy to individuals and families through her whimsical illustrated portraits. 

Laura's career began in marketing, where she spent 15 years serving clients all over the world in marketing and brand strategy. Now, she combines that client-centric focus and expertise with her long-time love of art and design to bring creative projects to life, big and small. 

and then there's the real deal.

Here's my story.

As a kid, I was always wandering around with a book in front of my face or sketching and re-sketching my favorite Disney characters. 

I designed my first logos in high school in a special course I took at the community college because I'd finished all of my required high school coursework early, and feel in love with using design to communicate ideas and organize information.

I decided to pursue a marketing degree, thinking it the 'smarter" way to bring all of these things together. After I graduated, I worked both agency side and in house, advising companies all over the world on their brand strategy. 

When my first son was born in 2016, I knew my heart was no longer in it and left my corporate career to build up my freelance design business and find flexibility to be home with my son. 

Since then, I've enjoyed the ride of a lifetime building a creative career that--while somewhat tricky to describe in an elevator pitch--brings me a lot of joy. Which, not coincidentally, is exactly what i'm hoping to inspire with my work, whether it's a keepsake portrait for a family, live illustrations to bring art to a brand event, or in designing a logo that will launch a new business into the world. 

Thanks for taking a minute to hear my story: I'd love to hear yours, too! Drop me a note any time.

xo, Laura

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life is better with pets.

people are inherently good.

women should not have to choose between their career and family life

sunrises > sunsets

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